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Tim Smith

I have been working with them since 2018. They have done a fabulous job managing my properties. They are very responsible to all the guests and home owners. I highly recommend Shen Property Management.

Qixin Xie

They provide excellent service to all the guests. 24/7 customer support and on site support. I can hands off and let them to take my property. 

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             Seattle Property Management Company – Rental Property Management Experts

Do you have a home or a commercial property to rent or seeking a licensed company that can look out for your property? Shen Mgt takes care of Searching for Tenants, Bill Payment, Rent Collection, Timely Property Repair, and Inspections. As of now, we are serving Seattle, King County WA.


Holding rental houses can be expensive. Shen Mgt is a perfect property management company in Seattle WA that can make all the difference. The goal of the professionals here is to minimize your costs, secure your investment, and maximize your revenue without intruding your everyday activities.


Seattle Property Management Company offers you Great Services!

If you hold a single rental house or numerous investment properties, you can rely on the experts at Shen Mgt for professionally planned and stable property management in King County WA. Expert supervision and systematic processes support you to gain the higher rental rate, with high-grade tenants who stay for a long time and adequately take care of your property as their own.

Is Rental property management Seattle stress keeping you up at night? No need to worry once you reach us at Shen Mgt. We keep you apprised with every step of the process. You’ll perpetually appreciate when your property is leased out to a new tenant, when rent is received, when and why a tenant is being expelled, and when subsistence or renovations are required. In appreciation to all that, you will always be able to access the information of your property round the clock (24/7).

Our Property Management Services Includes:

  • On-Going Communication

  • Meticulous Tenant Screening & Selection

  • Absolute Marketing & Advertising

  • General Accounting

  • Full-Service Leasing

  • Regular Evaluations

  • Timely Rent Collection

  • Strict and Compliant Evictions

  • Affordable, Reliable Maintenance

Our strategy of property management King County WA is assured to save you a lot of efforts and money at every individual phase of the procedure. We make it simple to keep your investment safe, depreciate expenses, and maximize your profit without interfering your everyday life.